Looking for methods of displaying sharp and fragile props, I turned to my time as a model maker, when I would build dioramas to display the model aircraft I built.  Shadowboxing was a natural extension of this hobby.  In building a realistic environment for the props, I am able to craft a story that tells a little of the history of the prop. For instance, the Chronicles of Riddick knife was used on a gritty, lava covered planet, it made sense to recreate a portion of the planet surface to display the very sharp knife.  

In addition to props, my wife and I use shadowboxes to display trinkets and photographs from our travels.  Each major trip we take we keep ticket stubs, maps, flyers and money to add to the shadow box.  We set photographs up to look like polaroids and usually build the box around a map of the country or place we visited.  We've been doing this for six years and hope to continue for each adventure we go on.


Swingblade knife from "The Chronicles of Riddick"

Mal's Pistol from "Firefly." Money and Grenade from "Serenity." Nathan Fillion's Signature.

Screen used money from "Serenity."
My Great Grandfathers Silver Star and Medical Kit from WWI.

San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

Yellowstone, Grand Teton's and Craters of the Moon.

London and Hadrian's Wall. 


Universal Studios Hollywood. 

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