Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators Ray Gun Contest

When Weta designers Greg Broadmore and David Tremont debuted their Dr. Grordbort line of fantasy Ray guns I knew someday I had to have one. The hand made metal, wood and resin guns appealed to my inner child in a way I had not felt for a long time. Luckily for me my chance to own one came a few months ago when The Replica Prop Forum partnered with Weta to host a ray gun building contest. 

Tasked by Lord Cockswain and his Colonial Expeditionary Force to modify one of Dr. Grordbort's Righteous Bisons to give it a little more "oomph..to have a chance of repelling the barbaric Venusian hordes," two hundred of the Righteous Bisons shipped out to RPF members across the globe, fifty of which were finished in time and entered into the contest. The rules were simple. Take a "nude" Righteous Bison and "modify, customize and "upgrade" it in any way as long as it still fit within the Dr. Grordbort universe. The only catch was that it retain a bovine related name.

So without further ado I present my entry "Boomin' Bessie, the Amplified Aural Annihilator."


IKEA Hack - Expedit Door Panels

The IKEA Expedit cabinet is a great piece of kit. It sturdy enough to hold a ton of heavy items and cheap enough to be utilized by those on a tight budget. We use ours to hold everything from dog food to diapers, toys to tools.  While the cabinet looks great when used for displaying trinkets or photographs, it becomes quite cluttered when used as a storage unit. To deal with that issue I wanted to design panels that could either be hinged or attached with magnets to mitigate the mess. While IKEA does sell inserts, their high price put purchasing 16 of them way out of our budget.  Given that I had the tools and most of the materials already in my possession, attempting this IKEA hack turned out to be a fun and economical project.



Looking for methods of displaying sharp and fragile props, I turned to my time as a model maker, when I would build dioramas to display the model aircraft I built.  Shadowboxing was a natural extension of this hobby.  In building a realistic environment for the props, I am able to craft a story that tells a little of the history of the prop. For instance, the Chronicles of Riddick knife was used on a gritty, lava covered planet, it made sense to recreate a portion of the planet surface to display the very sharp knife.  


Shop Reopening

A year ago the roof of the shop started to leak.  Wind, rain and moss finally worked through the ancient wood shingles and allowed buckets of water to rush in and damage the work bench, power tools and projects.  A year of downtime ensued, where I had limited access as the shop dried out and a new roof installed. 

Last week my father-in-law and I put the finishing touches on the roof, installing some support rafters and removing the bracing that was holding up the old rotting ceiling.  Now I'm finally able to use the shop again!