Small Lot, Small House

This project is for a small, skinny lot on the San Francisco peninsula.  Oriented east/west, the lot has large north/south exposure.  I wanted to take advantage of the best possible lighting conditions for the site, but the narrow footprint would not allow for a desirable orientation.  Extruding a single 1000 sqft mass upward created another 1000 sqft but left the building with the smallest masses facing east/west and the large ones facing north/south.  By rotating the upper mass I was able to capture more sunlight.  To utilize sunlight, the living, cooking and dining spaces are upstairs, while the sleeping and utility spaces are downstairs.  A double height void containing the stairs connects the two masses and serves as a focal point to bring people through the lower foyer and up to the second floor.

Today's post includes concept sketches and diagrams, floor plan variations and current progress on the 3D model.


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