SciFi Blaster 02

This work in progress started out as a light gun.  After stripping out the interior of unnecessary parts I came back through and added electronics to add a level of realism to the project.  The barrel uses a blinkM programmable light, which allows me to set both the color of the LED and the pattern that it flashes when the trigger is pulled.  I also added a toggle switch to act as a safety switch, flipping it turns the gun on and lights the green LED on the side, flipping it the opposite way arms the gun, lights the red LED along with the green and enables the trigger light. On the outside I've added a scope, flash hider, maglite, and a laser scope. Right now it has been painted with black paint to make it all one uniform color as I add details and work to hide seams and screw holes.  I hope to finish this soon!

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