Retro Raygun

Every pulp sci-fi hero or heroine needs a fantastic raygun, no matter whether they are battling martians or exploring the depths of a black hole.  Built out of found parts, the Retro Raygun takes its cues from Buck Rodgers and the many Raygun toys from the 20th century.  The main hull of the gun is a repurposed light from a beach-cruiser bike, the handle was built by me and consists of alternating layers of aircraft grade mahogany ply and spruce.  The barrel is a brass tube with a drawer pull fitted on the end as an emitter.

A benefit of using the bike light for a hull was that it opened, allowing me to build the guts of the raygun.  Parts of old motors, hard drives, a radio tube and some of the original internals of the bike light were used to create an interior that looks mechanically sound.  At the moment the raygun is about 95% complete as I still plan to add discrete LED's to the guts to increase the realism and highlight some of the components.


  1. a wonderful gun! Is this or any of your others for sale somewhere?

    1. Thanks for the comments! I don't have any for sale at the moment. Work and family life have kept me out of the shop for a while.