Lumen Ex Consilium

These first few post will be about existing or past projects.  The first project I want to bring to the forefront is a lightsaber from 2007.

Lumen Ex Consilium was built as a joint project between myself and one of my old college buddies.  He was looking for something interesting to give to his brother as a gift, I was looking for a project that was different from the others I'd done before.  Lumen Ex Consilium was designed in the style of Steampunk, a historic alternative to victorian London where mechanical computers rendered in brass, leather, and wood ushered in the birth of the information age through clouds of steam and coal smoke.  Built mostly out of period materials, Lumen Ex Consilium opted for an open handle to facilitate fast cooling of the steam chambers and a custom brass, steel, and copper faraday cage around the crystal chamber to protect the user from the massive amounts of energy needed to create the classic lightsaber blade…

In reality the prop was built from various bits and pieces of brass, copper, leather and wood, with many vintage additions from my parts bins, including parts of old radios, toasters, and a few ancient CO2 cartridges.  To complete the project, a custom protective case was built from aluminum and plywood lined with foam and fabric and a display stand was built from oak.  Overall I invested somewhere north of one hundred hours into the project.

Lumen ex Consilium will be one of the projects in an upcoming book due to be published July 2011.

A forum post detailing the build can be found here.

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